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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Find out how to make Backups of Xbox 360 games - Copy 360 games in minutes

Ever experienced the gamers worst nightmare and wreck one of your xbox 360 games that you like the most, that it wouldn't even play? The last you need is your xbox 360 games getting damaged and maimed and before you know it you can't play xbox 360 games you like on your console anymore, its not a cheap task to replace 360 games as they cost around $60 each!

The good news is, there are solutions out there that don't cost money. First you need to have special burning software to copy xbox 360 games onto dvd discs inorder to protect your games bought from the store. All you need is a couple of blank dvd discs and a fast PC with a burner drive - dvd blanks cost less than a dollar to buy!

This specialised software is called CopyThatGame

You cannot simply use your generic burning software that you use to copy cds and music discs, you need to download Xbox 360 burning software that can allow your burner to backup 360 games just like normal cds and dvds.

But with CopyThatGame you can enable you computer to burn xbox 360 games and would not be possible with normal software.

This software can be used just like your normal burning application and can create copies exactly like the originals.

1. Insert the game disc onto your PC Optical Drive.

2. Then CopyThatGame will make an image of the xbox 360 game to burn onto disc.Insert a blank DVD/CD and the software will then burn the image onto the blank disc.

3. Your finished, once CopyThatGame has completed burning the game , give it a try on your 360.

This software is not an exclusive Xbox 360 copying suite but also has the abiltiy to backup other games form the PS3, Wii and many other consoles,you name it it can do, if you happen to own other systems like a PS2 or Gamecube then it can back those games up too.

If you would like to make copies of your game, you can visit my website below to get the software. Trust me, it's better to make copies of your game compared to buying it again for a high price when it becomes unplayable.

If you are looking at copying games to xbox 360 then please visit -> Copy 360 games