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Monday, December 8, 2008

Copy Games to Xbox 360 - Burn Xbox 360 Games onto DVD

Copying Xbox 360 games in the past was thought to be impossible as it was hard to get around the protection of the discs, but the good news is, there's now a method to copy games to Xbox 360.However, you can;t just load up your normal burning software to copy your music cds and expect to be copying xbox 360 games straight away, you need software designed to specifically do that task.

So basically if you want to find out how to copy Xbox 360 discs then you need software that supports backing up xbox 360 games and burn them onto dvd blanks. Video game discs have "copyright protection" measures in place that won't let you make copies by using the regular burning software used to copy music cds.

As mentioned earlier, there are programs on the net that can eliminate the 'copyright protection' and copy xbox 360 games as well as other console games like the PS3, PS2 and Xbox systems.You are more or less useless without this type of software on your computer.Once you have the software installed onto your computer, your PC is able to recognise and burn any Xbox 360 game you want to duplicate.

Like I said before, this type of application does not just burn xbox 360 discs. Its perfect for you if you own several console systems and need to back up games. This is good as it reliefs you from the bother of buying additional programs to burn their games.

The application does this in 3 ways:

1) Insert your 360 game dvd into the dvd burner drive then your PC will create an 'ISO' of the Xbox 360 game.

2)Once the 'ISO' is complete, insert a blank dvd and the burning program will copy the image onto the dvd.

3)Instead of using multiple programs to do one job, download software that can both copy and burn xbox 360 games.

To save time and money you need to copy games to Xbox 360 and prevent them from getting scratching or wreaked.

Visit Copying Xbox 360 games to find out more about this type of software.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Save money by learning how to copy xbox 360 games with DIY software.

There are some many ways to backup and copy xbox 360 games nowadays and the good thing i you don't even need a modchip to run xbox 360 backups.

Normally what you would do is break open your xbox 360 console soldier the modchip into the motherboard and pray that the thing would work and not crap out! The problem with that was when you opened up the console you avoided the xbox 360's warranty.

Thankfully you don't need to do that now and maintain your warranty in the process, but even better you even preserve the condition of your originals leaving you to do as you will with your backups.

I know what you're thinking!! How can you run burned xbox 360 games without a modchip?? Its quite simple actually!

If you havent heard already theres a software program called CopyThatGame that automatically decrypts your xbox 360 encryption protection software (found on the game disks) and creates a fully useable backup copy of your 360 game.

Like DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter programs CopyThatGame creates a exact image or ISO of the Xbox 360 game and burns it direct to your blank dvd, simple a that.

There's no coding involved, no other dodgy techniques that can cause damage to your console, this software is way ahead of its time and provides a 'one-click' solution to creating instant backup copies of your 360 games.

To get a hold of your own copy of CopyThatGame goto -> Copy xbox 360 games now!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to Copy Xbox 360 games - Burn Xbox 360 games with G.C.Pro.

Just wanted to tell you that I copied some XBox 360 games onto some dual layer dvds I bought from the local computer store , I burned COD4, Assasins Creed and Gears of War and they all run great! All I used was some good dual layer dvds , my very own PC and dvd burner, and CopyThatGame.

It was very simple to use and I had all these backups done in about an hour, WOW!!

CopyThatGame really makes Xbox 360 copy just that much easier and you'll being to wonder why you thought it was so hard!

Below shows a guy playing a burned copy Rock band on his xbox 360 console -

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to Copy Xbox 360 games - Play xbox 360 backups

As you've noticed in my previous postings I inserted some youtube videos showing people playing xbox 360 backups on their own 360 consoles and discussed copy xbox 360 games can be done with a software tool called CopyThatGame - well today I found some person giving a quick 2 min demo of a copied version of SEGA RALLY!! I thought it would be a great idea to show you that it is possible to burn and play xbox 360 games on your own 360. Check out the video below to see it running on her console!!

CopyThatGame is a all-in-one game copy software tool that not only can copy 360 games but also backup your DIvX, AVI, WMA, Xvid snd more...

IF you own a PS3 or Wii then Game Copy Pro can rip you off a copy saving you lots of $$$$. Read my previous posts about the benefits and features of Game Copy Pro.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Copy XBOX 360 Games with Game Copy Pro.

Are you looking to copy xbox 360 games?? Yeah you heard right! Backup , burn, rip, or copy any xbox 360 games to hdd or dvd. Game Copy Pro is the most powerful game copy software out on the market - Xbox 360, PS3 , Wii , PS2 the list goes on.... you name the console Game Copy Pro can copy its games with ease!!

Game Copy Pro not only copies xbox 360 games but can backup DVDs , Mp3's , its also is compatible with AVI, DIVX, XVID, RM, MPEG4, ISO, BIN and much much more...

To find out more about Game Copy Pros capablilities refer to the features summary below or click here to burn xbox 360 games!

Game Copy Pro includes -

  • Copy and burn any video game - Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2 , Gamecube, Dreamcast, PSP...

  • Backup Xvid, DVD, DivX, AVI, RM, MPEG4...

  • Make perfect copies without loss in quality of picture or sound

  • 24/7 support

  • Full money back guarantee

To find out more click here -> Copy XBOX 360 Games

Check out the video clip on burned xbox 360 games - they actually can be done!!