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Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to Copy Xbox 360 Games with Ease - Use Xbox 360 Game Copy Software

To some video games are like 'gold', and no-one likes having their games scratched, cracked, or damaged in any other way. Games are not cheap to replace usually ranging from $60- 100 depending on what country you live in. That's why people search for ways to copy xbox 360 games, this method allows players to protect their games from being exposed to harm and vent their frustration on their backups (if you do that when you're losing?).

You tried to backup Xbox 360 Games and failed didn't You?

No doubt the reason why you're reading this article is to find out how to copy xbox 360 games. Its most likely you tried using your normal dvd burning software to do it only to discover that your software was unable to read and copy 360 games. To burn 360 games you need specially programmed burning software that can read, decrypt, and burn xbox 360 games.

Here's a Quick Run Down on What you Need!:

A Good Fast PC or Laptop Computer

Fast DVD buner (Reads DVD Dual Layer)

Xbox 360 Game Copy Software (This is a must! Nero and Roxio Products do not read and burn these games)

Once You Got That Stuff. You're Good to Go!

In no uncertain cirumstances are we promoting the practice of illegally copying and selling pirated video games, it is totally legal to backup your games if its for your own usage. So be sure that when you start backing up all your games that you do it for yourself and not to make some quick cash on the side!

Once you gather all the components mentioned above all you need is some dvd blanks, make sure they're good quality and are big enough to fit a game onto. Blank dvds are cheap to buy and no doubt you'll have them lying aorund your room, if not, then run down to the nearest outlet and buy some. Some are a little apprehensive trying this stuff but its easier than you think and in within minutes you'll be creating tons of backups.

The Xbox 360 Game Copy Software is Easy to Use Just follow the Steps Below:

1. Choose any Xbox 360 Game and insert into your burner.

2. You'llbe prompted to select "burn ISO or image to your HDD'. This means your computer will copy all the games data onto the hard drive.

3. After the process is done, remove game from dvd drive and pop in a blank dvd.

4. Select the option to copy image to dvd blank disc, just follow to prompts

Just sit back and let the software do its thing! Usually it take 10 -20 minutes to copy 360 games. Don't do anyting else , like browse the web or run other programs as this might crash the program. Burning programs are very labor intensive and demanding alot of the computers resources. SO allowing your burner software to do its thing will ensure the task is done properly.

To make other backups just follow the simple steps above or just follow the instrucitons on the software which will prompt what you need to do.

Well that's about it in a nutshell, remember you can't use your normal dvd burner software, you need software can read and burn 360 games, do get thiis type of program Click Here