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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Learn to copy Xbox 360 games without a modchip - Copy 360 games in minutes

I bet there has been one time when you accidently damaged one of your xbox 360 games, and as a result it became unreadable?The most annoying thing for any gamer is to have their most cherished game wrecked and unplayable, xbox 360 games are not cheap and you don't want to keep forking out the money for replacements.

The good news is, there are solutions out there that don't cost money. First you need to have special burning software to copy xbox 360 games onto dvd discs inorder to protect your games bought from the store. Now you can backup/copy any game you have for the price of a blank CD or DVD(less than $1)

It's called CopyThatGame software.

Software of this nature are designed to override the copyright protection code embedded in the disc so that is possible to make copies of xbox 360 games for backup purposes. All Xbox 360 games have this special code built into the discs to ensure that it is not possible to backup xbox 360 games with your normal burning software , so you really need specific bunring software to perform this operation. To overcome this burning issue (Pun intended), software programmers and companies have designed software tols that can burn xbox 360 games just like you do with normal movie dvds and music cds ou buy from the shop.

If you don't believe me, try burning your Xbox 360 game disc using your computer regular burner software.Its a waste of time mate it will not work on your PCs burner and software.But with CopythatGame you can enable you computer to burn xbox 360 games and would not be possible with normal software.

There is no loss in quality of copies and you can use this type of software just like using any other burning tool out there!

This can be done in three basic steps - its pretty simple:

1. Pop a 360 game of choice into your PC's burner.

2.Then Copythatgame will make an image of the xbox 360 game to burn onto disc.

3. Your finished, and has completed burning the game , give it a try on your 360.

This software is not an exclusive Xbox 360 copying suite but also has the abiltiy to backup other games form the PS3, Wii and many other consoles,it can make it quality copies of games from the gamecube and PS2 systems.

To get started on how to copy xbox 360 games , you can go to the site below and start backing up your 360 games. Trust me, it's better to make copies of your game compared to buying it again for a high price when it becomes unplayable.

Goto -> Copy xbox 360 games