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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Save money by learning how to copy xbox 360 games with DIY software.

There are some many ways to backup and copy xbox 360 games nowadays and the good thing i you don't even need a modchip to run xbox 360 backups.

Normally what you would do is break open your xbox 360 console soldier the modchip into the motherboard and pray that the thing would work and not crap out! The problem with that was when you opened up the console you avoided the xbox 360's warranty.

Thankfully you don't need to do that now and maintain your warranty in the process, but even better you even preserve the condition of your originals leaving you to do as you will with your backups.

I know what you're thinking!! How can you run burned xbox 360 games without a modchip?? Its quite simple actually!

If you havent heard already theres a software program called CopyThatGame that automatically decrypts your xbox 360 encryption protection software (found on the game disks) and creates a fully useable backup copy of your 360 game.

Like DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter programs CopyThatGame creates a exact image or ISO of the Xbox 360 game and burns it direct to your blank dvd, simple a that.

There's no coding involved, no other dodgy techniques that can cause damage to your console, this software is way ahead of its time and provides a 'one-click' solution to creating instant backup copies of your 360 games.

To get a hold of your own copy of CopyThatGame goto -> Copy xbox 360 games now!!