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Friday, December 14, 2007

Copy Any Xbox 360 game with total ease!!

Game Copy Pro is one of the most powerful software tools on the market to backup any video game. With just a CD or DVD writer Game Copy Pro can copy any Xbox 360 game on the shelves. Now you never have to worry about scratching your games or favourite dvds anymore download it now!

With just one simple click of a button Game Copy Pro makes high quality backups of your video games and dvds.
Summary of Game Copy Pro features:
  • Copy any dvd movie e.g. "Underworld" or "Terminator"
  • Copy any video game - Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, Xbox, PS3, Gamecube.... to dvd or hard drive
  • Copy Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, Audio CD
  • Dual Layer Support - copy to 8.5GB DVD DL
  • Fast copying speeds in less than an hours time
  • Advanced encoding technology to ensure perfect backups of games
  • NTSC & PAL support DVD & CD
  • Supports most languages
  • Free Technical support
  • Free Updates
Game Copy Pro also has descramble tools that run in the background while copying your xbox 360 game that get rid of the region and copy right protection. Game Copy Pro decrypts all protection on dvds and games so you can play and watch your dvds/games without any hassle.

But thats not all! Game Copy Pro also decrypts and copy HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, Audio CD. So why wait download it now!!

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