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Friday, December 7, 2007

How to copy xbox 360 games

You're probably wondering why so many people go to the trouble of copying their xbox 360 games? But thats because xbox 360 games are expensive to buy and if you scratch the originals its off to EB games to buy another one!! Games are like investments and like me I hate it when my original copies are wrecked or damaged.

But there's ways to avoid the cost and hassle of replacing your games. I've done some poking around the net and come across a useful guide on how to copy xbox 360 games. Game Copy Pro is a ebook containing copy/backup instructions details about 360 games. It shows you how to dump , rip , create xbox 360 backup, iso, dvd files in a simple easy to follow instruction guide. There are other tools out there but the instructions are vague and hard to understand. Game Copy Pro makes it easy for even 70 year old to follow!

As a bonus you Game copy Pro gives you unlimited game downloads so you can dump them onto your xbox dvd or hard drive.

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1 comment:

luke said...

if i use the software u said to use do i still need a mod chip to play the games